Shah Mahmood Qureshi will run the party if I am disqualified, Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister and Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that if he is arrested, seniors like Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Pervaiz Khattak will be looked into.

Senior journalists met Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Lahore, while talking during the meeting, Imran Khan said that Murad Saeed is the future leader.

There is no fight with the army, this army is mine, the times are going to change soon, and I will give big surprises in the coming days.

A meeting of lawyers has been called even today for the release of the arrested workers, the current government has destroyed the country’s economy, and the only solution to the country’s problems is elections.

Those who are leaving are forced and some are exposed, the youth are the best asset for the party and they have the right to the next ticket.

Arif Alvi will work according to the constitution, and PTI will win the election, he said that planning has been done to arrest, disqualify and even kill me.

Let’s hold the referendum even today and see if the result will come out, I swear on this that I never said anything about violence and vandalism.

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If I didn’t get vandalized when I got shot, how was it possible now, everything was done against us under planning, why would we resort to vandalism when we are winning publicly?

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