FA Cup Final: Manchester City vs. Manchester United

FA Cup Final: Manchester City vs. Manchester United

The FA Cup final, an event highly anticipated in English football, captivates teams from all corners of the country who compete relentlessly for the prestigious FA Cup trophy. This year’s grand finale will witness an enthralling derby between the city rivals, Manchester City and Manchester United. The clash between these two footballing giants is poised to deliver an exhilarating showdown that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.


Kick-off Time and Date: A Battle for Glory

Mark your calendars! The FA Cup final is scheduled to kick off at 3 pm on Saturday, June 3. This highly anticipated match will serve as the ultimate showdown to determine the worthy recipient of the coveted FA Cup trophy. It will witness Manchester United, renowned giants of the footballing world, battling it out against the reigning Premier League champions, Manchester City. The stakes are high, and the clash between these top-tier teams promises a thrilling spectacle that fans and football enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting.


Broadcasting and Streaming Options: Catch Every Moment

Football aficionados have a range of options to immerse themselves in the thrilling action of the FA Cup final. BBC One will be broadcasting the match live, with comprehensive coverage and build-up starting at 1:50 pm as Match Of The Day Live kicks off the festivities. Alternatively, ITV will commence their coverage at 2:05 pm, providing viewers with additional options to experience the event.

For those who prefer the convenience of streaming, fear not! The entire final will be available for streaming on BBC iPlayer and ITVX, ensuring fans can enjoy the match on their preferred digital platforms. This flexibility allows viewers to indulge in the excitement and drama of the game wherever they may be. Furthermore, highlights of the FA Cup final will be aired later in the evening, starting from 11:20 pm, offering fans a chance to relive and savor the key moments of the epic clash.

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Attendance at the FA Cup Final: A Historic All-Manchester Showdown

Wembley Stadium, an iconic venue steeped in football history, is eagerly preparing to welcome an awe-inspiring crowd of 90,000 passionate spectators for the FA Cup final. This grand occasion holds special significance as it marks the first-ever all-Manchester final in the storied history of the competition. The atmosphere is set to be electric as fervent fans from both sides unite in their unwavering support, creating an unforgettable ambiance. Witnessing their beloved teams battle it out for the prestigious trophy will undoubtedly be an experience that fans will cherish for a lifetime.


Who will win the FA Cup final?

According to, the current betting odds (at the time of writing) are as follow:

  • Manchester City: 1/2
  • Draw: 15/4
  • Manchester United: 19/4

These odds indicate that Manchester City is considered the frontrunner to win the final, with favorable chances according to bookmakers. However, in football, anything can happen, and a draw or a victory for Manchester United cannot be ruled out.

The FA Cup final is scheduled to kick off at 3 pm, and the excitement will begin building up beforehand. BBC One will provide coverage of the pre-match preparations, starting from 1:50 pm. This will give fans an opportunity to delve into the anticipation and soak in the atmosphere before the teams take the field.

Stay tuned and witness the thrilling battle unfold as these two footballing giants compete for glory in the FA Cup final!

Discover the latest betting odds for the highly anticipated FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United. Get insights into the chances of each team winning the trophy and find out where to catch the build-up coverage. Don’t miss this thrilling showdown in English football!


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In conclusion, the upcoming FA Cup final between Manchester City and Manchester United promises to be an extraordinary clash between two fierce rivals. With the kick-off scheduled for 3 pm on Saturday, June 3, fans across the globe will be eagerly tuning in to witness this epic encounter. Whether through BBC One or ITV’s live coverage or via streaming on BBC iPlayer and ITVX, viewers will have ample options to immerse themselves in the heart-pounding action. The historic all-Manchester final at Wembley Stadium, with its grandeur and passion, guarantee an atmosphere that will reverberate with the sheer love for the game. Get ready for a momentous event that will go down in footballing history!

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